Kanban - Manxa Ferros


Automatic order by reading QR codes thanks to manxa's APP at the storage site of the products

Greater productivity and profitability for your company. The products are available at the place and time when they are needed. Manxa takes care of everything. We help you make the best selection of products according to your annual consumption. We adapt to your needs and we offer you the best solution

Kanban operation tutorial


Characteristics and advantages:

Order in one click

Through reading the QR code on Manxa's APP, you can make automatic orders in seconds

Fast delivery

We guarantee delivery in less than 24 hours in your kanban products

Warehouse organized

Referencing helps identify and organize the material in locations

Stock Guaranteed

Of all the products you have in your Kanban. Avoid the cost of overstock such as the depletion of inventory and doing expensive and last time orders.

Certification and quality

We ensure the quality of all products and processes according to the EN 1090 standard

Flexible solution

Possibility to expand/change articles at any time

  • Service implementation:
· Choose the products along with the advice of your commercial agent and make an agreement about the rates
· Define tags with reference and quantity
· Choose the support (Panel, Magnetic Labels, Booklet)
· On the first of every month you will receive an excel with the new rates