Technology - Manxa Ferros


Technology makes us better. We invest in technology to improve our processes. We are committed to automation and connectivity to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of our customers.

Automatic warehouse

We have automatic storage systems for our products. We seek efficiency in all our processes, also in the location and storage of the materials in our warehouses. So we can expand product ranges and make our warehouse profitable. We offer better service and expand the catalog.


We invest in quality machinery to offer you a better and more extensive catalog of services (cutting, drilling, crushing and stamping machinery) to reduce logistics costs.

Management system (SAP)

We use SAP as an internal management system. Integrating SAP has been a long-term process that began in 2002 and has led to notable improvements in the efficiency of manxa, which has translated into the possibility of offering better services to our customers

The fact of having this unique management system, allows us to offer real product traceability, has also helped us to integrate and standardize business processes, optimize our warehouses and stocks, improve planning and procurement, as well as control of expenses. It provides us with information in real time to make decisions and improve our relationship with customers and suppliers. In short, it improves the efficiency of manxa and our customers.

Our goal is to digitize the entire part of the supply chain in which we participate, eliminating the inefficiencies that come from manual interventions and in consequence be able to create a continuous flow of digitized information from start to finish. In this way we accelerate, simplify and optimize the processes of our clients.