CSR - Corporate social responsibility - Manxa Ferros

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Government awards the President Macià Plaque to Manxa in the category of corporate social responsibility.

The President Macià Plaque distinction is awarded by the Government of Catalonia to companies or organizations that have stood out for the services provided for the benefit of the general interests (within the world of work).

Since its foundation in 1876 in Olot until today, with 7 operating centers, at manxa we strive to be sensitive to managing the impacts that our activity generates on our team, clients, local community, and also on society as a whole. We aim, with respect, to have a positive impact on all of them.

Over the years, the people within the company have helped create a culture of value by promoting and practicing it together.

We collaborate with several social entities that help us achieve this social integration and commitment to the territory. Some of them include Integra, Càritas, Fundació Albert Bosch, Fundació Girona Est, Fundació UE Olot, and Xavi Porras.

Real integration

manxa is a company formed by people; we are a 100% representation of society so, we are a group of workers with different capacities. We like to talk about real integration. Incorporating people with disabilities in our team makes us better: it increases the team spirit, solidarity between us and changes our DNA to a better version.

Community and Social Action

We are committed to our territory. That is why we support entities and people that help to improve society and its members

Through the foundation Joan Agustí Reixach we channel Manxa's social actions.

To manxa is very important that everyone has the opportunities to develop, whatever are their abilities. 

Cooperation with the Albert Bosch Foundation to collaborate on research projects and the development of solutions against childhood cancer

manxa signs a social agreement with the Fundació Albert Bosch to give it more notoriety and resources. The Foundation was born in 2004 with the aim of promoting the investigation and research into medical, biomedical and surgical solutions for childhood diseases and, more generally, to contribute to the people's wellbeing throughout their lives.

An action plan of three years has been drawn up and consists of:

- Installation of corners in the stores of Olot and Banyoles with information from the Foundation, as well as a piggy bank so that customers can make small contributions. This action will help to raise awareness of the Foundation among all the customers of manxa, as well as the economic rewards that can be achieved
- Study among all of our providers so that they can put in contact the managers of these corporations with those responsible for the Foundation and that in this way they can create new collaboration agreements and collect more resources for the investigation against the childhood cancer.
- Annual economic contribution by manxa 


INTEGRA is a non-profit organization that carries out its activity in the Garrotxa region. It was born with the purpose of creating and managing centers and services aimed at people with itellectual disabilities and children with developmental disorders or at risk of suffering them.

At manxa we have made various collaborations with them. The last one was a donation of computers that Integra distributed among its centers and allowed them to renew obsolete material, equip some centers and take advantage of old computers to give them to some of their students.


For manxa it is important that everyone has the same opportunities, that is why we collaborate and donate material to the Fundació Girona Est.

Girona Est is a group of neighbourhoods in Girona that are characterized by high rates of unemployed people, low incomes and a high rate of school dropouts. The Fundació Girona Est supports these neighbourhoods, with special attention to their younger group.


Manxa is a friendly organization of the Impulsa Foundation which is committed to young people motivated to continue training but who are in a vulnerable situation.
The objective of Impulsa is to accompany them in their drive and guarantee them equal opportunities as well as their motivation to enter the workforce to contribute their potential to society and keep the territory active.


We also collaborate with the Institut La Garrotxa, a public center that was created in 1974 and since 2002-03 is part of the Xarxa de Qualitat i Millora Continua project of the Department of Education. His teachings include ESO, Baccalaureate, Middle Grade Training Cycles and Higher Grade Training Cycles.

From manxa we collaborate with the equipment of the students' wardrobe of the mechanics and maintenance cycles.


From manxa , we get involved in the different initiatives of our social, cultural and sport activities with the commitment to support people and entities in our territory. For this reason, we sponsor VALLVIVA, a solidarity festival born from the desire to create a space for celebration, a meeting point and a unique event in the heart of the Garrotxa.
With a first class musical offer, local gastronomy and Michelin Star restaurant proposals, it aims to become a reference festival in the Catalan territory. Through the VALLVIVA Foundation, the festival donates all profits to the Vall d'Hebron Campus, a world-class center for research on human health, especially cancer.


manxa supports the Unió Esportiva Olot and its scholarship program for children with financial difficulties.
Since 2005, the UE Olot has been developing a footbal project that is defined as “social and sustainable”. The club currently has 31 competitive football teams, football school, women’s football, social football and inclusive football. A total of 450 players who, with the coahing staff, make up a training and competitive football
The club is a champion of diversity and wants 100% of people to feel included. Today, the Unió Esportiva Olot is the banner of values and commitments that make it unique. He collaborates with various social organizations such as Caritas,m Integra and TEA Garrotxa.


We are a partner company at the Creu Roja to help the organization fulfill the commitment to care for the most vulnerable people.


llaboration agreement with the Banyoles City Council to promote assistance for children and youth in disadvantaged socio-economic conditions.


Manxa collaborates with this entity in favor of global child health and to promote vaccination as a tool against child mortality. Since 2008, the "la Caixa" Foundation has been promoting the Alliance for Childhood Vaccination in Spain with the aim of offering the Spanish society the opportunity to collaborate with Gavi (The Vaccine Alliance) in its fight against child mortality.


Agreement with the Montserrat Abbey Foundation to restore incunabula books, recover works of art, grant scholarships to children so they can study and sing in the Escolania, and other projects that we invite you to discover. This agreement is part of the Millennial celebration of the Abbey Foundation.

Quality in the workplace

In manxa we understand quality as a set of procedural actions that should lead us to offer our customers products that offer total safety and quality, that respect the current legislation and above all satisfy their demands. We firmly believe that quality must be taken care of throughout the process and this also means giving our workers a work environment that is right for their needs.


Our commitment to the environment involves operating efficiently and responsibly in all processes, with the objective of providing more competitive and profitable products, with the best impact and respectful of the environment.

Iron is the most recyclable material that exists it responds to the principles of sustainability and social responsibility. It is a material that must be vital in the coming decades for the sustainability of the planet. Iron does not lose qualitative faculties when recycled; its life cycle is unlimited. In the iron door, the remaining product is collected by recycling companies so that they can be brought to iron manufacturers that will fuse it and make new products with new applications.

Improve the performance of our customers

We provide innovative and sustainable solutions, based on an increasingly collaborative and digital environment.