Mission, vision and values - Manxa Ferros

Mission, vision, and values


Outsource and digitize the management of our customer's supply through manxa



Being considered by our customers as a strategic ally to improve their competitiveness and efficiency



Customer orientation

  • Understood as the desire to help or serve customers and understand or meet their needs. It involves striving to know and solve the client's problems.


Rigor and sensitivity of organization

  • Ability to pursue quality at work based on improving the procedures used and the final result


Research, leadership, innovation

  • Activities focused on finding and proposing continuous improvements in the organization that favor leadership position in the market.


Profitability and economic sense

  • Ability to develop activities with the required quality and with good management of time and resources. A decrease in costs or increase of the value.



  • The commitment and the capacity to assume and share the values and culture of the organization