Digitalization - Manxa Ferros


Digital transformation has to be one of the important challenges of the steel industry in the coming years, the communications between buyer and supplier can't be throughout phone, mail, fax

At manxa ferros, we do a step forward and we invest in people, processess and technology to help our customers to digitalize their flux of information (offer, order, delivery note, certificates, bills) to be more efficient, reduce mistakes and increase profitability. We want to be your allies in the challenge of digitization.

Our goal is to digitalize the entire steel supply chain.

We want to eliminate all the inefficiencies that come from manual orders and create a continuous flow of digitized information between manxa and our customers. This way we aWe accelerate, simplify and optimize the processes of our clients.

At manxa ferros we want to be your partners in your 4.0 projects to be part of your digital strategy


Do you know our digital order services?


Automatic order request service by reading QR codes


In our website you have all your documents and you can request orders and offers thanks to our online catalog


Extract directly from your structure design program the file that will be read by our internal management system. Security and speed, 0 errors