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       Steel structure constructor,

what can we do for you?

We prepare your products because you only have to worry about the welding and assembling. We cut to size and and drill, as well as shot blasting and pre pinting them.

          • - We have CE certification according to the EN1090 standard, mandatory for any structure, all of our transformation processes. Certification is equal to security.
          • - Product range adapted and delivered in 24h. Both in structural profiles (IPE, IPN, UPN, HEA, HEM, HEB) and in tubes (square, rectangular and round up to 300x300, 400x200 or 250 diameter sizes).
          • - The products as you need them. We have our own transformation services: cutting, drilling (round and collisions holes), shot blasting and pre-painting.
          • - Traceability of all materials from manufacturing to delivery to the indicated destination.
          • - Value services to improve order processes and make your business more efficient (Kanban, Customer Catalog, Customer rate)
          • - customer area.
          • - Custom product labels with your data so that, the entries in your warehouse are more efficient and automatic.
          • - Shipment of an Excel with all the positions of your order. Each material related to its size, length and the marking along with its casting number.
          • - Extract from your structure design program the document that will enter directly into our management system. We eliminate any possibility of error and increase the efficiency of our communications.
          • - Customer Service from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM uninterruptedly.
          • - Commitment to delivery according to pre-established terms.
          • - Continuous improvement thanks to the ISO 9001 standard about Quality Management.
          • - We are part of the Manxa group where we have a powerful company of Industrial Supplies– Manxa Industrial
          • - We are associated with ASCEM (Association of Constructors of Metallic Structures) to help improve the sector.



                  EFFICIENT DELIVERY

                  More than 1,000 products in stock that we distribute in less than 24h



                  We give our customers the possibility of automating the budget process and buying through our value services. Reduce time!



                  We have sawing, drilling, shot blasting and pre-painting services. The product as you need it!