Construcció - Manxa Ferros

       Concrete structures constructor,

what can we do for you?

From our technical office, we do the cutting of the plane, we transform the steel in our workshops with our own machines and processes, and if it is necessary we do the assembly through welding points. We deliver the material to agreed destinations with our own transport on the exact date with all the material perfectly referenced to facilitate its placement and to maintain each material traceability.

          • - Technical office with personalized attention.
          • - Wide range of steel for construction as well as corrugated, welded mesh, precast welds, wire, beams, tubes and sheets.
          • - We work side by side with our customers, it is our goal to deliver the material as the client needs.
          • - Technical department and cutting of plans
          • - Value services to improve order processes and make your business more efficient (Kanban, Customer catalog, Customer Rate)
          • - Digital shippment of all your products certificates automatically right after we issue de delivery note. It can be downloaded in your account.
          • - Custom product labels with your data so that, the entries in your warehouse are more efficient and automatic.
          • - Customer Service from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM uninterruptedly.
          • - Continuous improvement thanks to the ISO 9001 standard about Quality Management. We manage claims with one goal to continually improve and to achieve 0 mistakes
          • - We are part of the Manxa group where we have a powerful company of Industrial Supplies– Manxa Industrial



                  EFFICIENT DELIVERY

                  More than 1,000 products in stock that we distribute in less than 24h



                  We give our customers the possibility of automating the budget process and buying through our value services. Reduce time!



                  We have sawing, drilling, shot blasting and pre-painting services. The product as you need it!