(+) blog manxa: Corporate videos - Manxa Ferros
We want to tell you how we do it!
We have spent four generations transforming our activity to serve our customers.
It's already 140 years of teams of people involved in helping to meet our clients' goals. We invite you to keep continue innovating and growing together. We will continue to put all our passion and enthusiasm to go one step further.

In these videos we want to tell you about it. Above all, turn up the volume :)
Manxa Industrial
We have a clear and priority objective: to help you to be more efficient. Our mission is that the customer can outsource the entire procurement process with us. 
Manxa Ferros
 We distribute and transform steel products with certification, traceability and efficiency. We prioritize the quality of our service through a highly qualified staff and the use of new technologies, which help us to be more agile and efficient.